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Play Poker

1.62 usd

Want to learn how to play poker, or just practice in controlled conditions? Then this is the App for you. No ads, no connection, no unruly or newbie opponents messing up the game, this is just poker.The Play Poker! App focuses on learning and improving your skills in the game of Texas Hold’Em. In the lessons section you can learn the game as a complete novice, or if you are more experienced review advanced tactics to improve your game. But the real action is at the table, where you will meet 30 unique computer players, each crafted with specific playing traits and skill levels. You can choose a random table, a table suitable for your experience, or scenarios where you will be pitted against specific player types such as aggressive or loose. Even experienced players will benefit from being able to practice and resolve playing weaknesses. The game also analyses your own playing traits and statistics, so you can track your improvement and discover how opponents see you.
This app is fully optimised for tablet and phone devices.
But this is only the beginning. If this App is popular enough, more content will be regularly added: more AI types, more game types, tournament play and extra lessons are all in the pipeline. Your one time investment will go a long way! So give it a try, keep looking for updates, and let us know about any requests. We wish you good luck, and Play Poker!